Stategr helps you maximize your productivity, giving you the quickest and most effective way to time-box your day with strategies.

A strategy consists of activities and sessions.


Make a color-coded list of your daily activities

Click the "" button or hit ⌘⇧A to open activities window.

Click "+" to add new activity;

Right-click on the activity to edit.


Organize your activities in time-boxed sessions

Click on one or several empty time slots and drag the selection to the desired duration.

Hold if time slot is already occupied.

Click again to select an activity.

Press ⌘, to adjust time grid settings.


Move session boundaries or drag whole sessions around

Click into session boundary and drag to redistribute time between sessions.

Hold Shift while dragging, to shift next/previous sessions accordingly.

Click into the middle of a session to drag it around.

Hold to copy dragged session.

Stay Focused

Track current session, and get notified when next session starts

Press ⌘/ to jump to the current time marker.

You'll be notified in 5 minutes before and right at the beginning of a session.

*Notifications are turned on by default, you can disable them in your operating system settings.

Calendar Import & Export

Use the power of your system's calendar

  • Add appointments and notes
  • Make weekly plans
  • Sync across your devices

Why Another Calendar-like App?

Strategr is not a calendar, but a time-boxing tool — by design, there are no dates, no date-bounded “events” per se.

It aims to make daily planning quick and flexible by using a bit different paradigm than conventional calendar apps.

Most calendar apps are great for scheduling something like meetings and appointments, but using them for comprehensive daily planning can quickly become tedious - this is where Strategr shines.

Try it out yourself, and see if it helps your workflow!