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Stategr helps you maximize your productivity, giving you the quickest and most effective way to time-box your day with strategies.

A strategy consists of activities and sessions.


Make a color-coded list of your daily activities

Click the "" button or hit ⌘⇧A to open activities window;

Click "+" to add new activity;
Right-click on the activity to edit.


Organize your activities in time-boxed sessions

Click on one or several empty time slots and drag the selection to the desired duration (hold if time slot is already occupied);

Click again to select an activity.

Press ⌘, to adjust time grid settings.


Move session boundaries or drag whole sessions around

Click into session boundary and drag to redistribute time between sessions;

Click into the middle of a session to drag it around.

Stay Focused

Track current session, and get notified when next session starts

Press ⌘/ to jump to the current time marker.

You'll be notified in 5 mins before and right at the beginning of a session. *Notifications are turned on by default, you can disable them in your operating system settings.

Export to Calendar

Use the power of your system's calendar

  • Add appointments and notes;
  • Make weekly plans;
  • Sync across your devices.